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Speculum Spotlight is a series run in collaboration with Speculum: A Journal of Medieval Studies. Each episode of the series showcases work from the latest issue of the journal in conversation with a MMA team member. The episodes explore the subjects and themes of the Speculum articles as well as the writing and research process.

Special thanks to Dr. Katherine L. Jansen and the rest of the team at Speculum for making these episodes possible.

Speculum Spotlight episodes (in descending order):

  • "Race, Race-Thinking, and Identity in the Global Middle Ages" (01 April 2024)
    Cord Whitaker, Nahir Otaño Gracia, François-Xavier Fauvelle, Katherine L. Jansen, Jonathan Correa-Reyes, Thai-Catherine Matthews, Annegret Oehme, Basil Arnould Price, Angela Zhang, Eduardo Ramos, Soojung Choe, Krisztina Ilko

  • "The Cerne Giant in its Early Medieval Context" (01 January 2024)
    Thomas Morcom, Helen Gittos, Katherine L. Jansen, and Will Beattie

  • "Jewelry and People in the Byzantine Cemetery of Parapotamos, Epiros” (01 October 2023)
    Georgios Makris, Katherine L. Jansen, and Reed O’Mara

  • "Trans Climates of the European Middle Ages, 500-1300” (01 July 2023) 
    François•e Charmaille, Katherine L. Jansen, and Logan Quigley

For more information about the Speculum Spotlight series, view our episode posts.

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