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episode proposals

This podcast series aims to platform ongoing conversations and generate new and exciting avenues of inquiry related to the Middle Ages as a fascinating and diverse historical period. We wish to forge and strengthen connections between experts and the wider public. We believe that scholars must use our expertise to produce counter-narratives that rectify misappropriations of medieval material, such as those perpetrated by white supremacists. 
We invite proposals from individuals and collaborators of all ranks and disciplines for single podcast episodes on creative, thoughtful, and culturally responsible approaches to the study of the Middle Ages that can engage fellow medievalists and the wider public. New seasons launch in March, and calls for episode proposals circulate in the preceding October/November — see one of our past CFPs here​.


We invite feedback on our episodes and our approach so we can continue working toward our podcast's goals. If you've got an idea, or if you'r interested in getting involved with the MMA, drop us a line! 

Thanks for reaching out!

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