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The Filmmaker, the Anchorite, and Their Collaboration Across Time (Golum & Quigley)

Updated: Feb 24

What can we learn from those who came before us? How does the art we make reflect and define who we are? And why is the medieval past just so interesting?

In this conversation with the MMA’s Logan Quigley, filmmaker Caroline Golum reflects on these questions and more as she discusses creating her most recent film, “Revelations of Divine Love,” which turns for strong inspiration to the narrative of the 15th-century anchorite Julian of Norwich. Logan and Caroline chat about the difficult and important choices surrounding scene design, narrative continuity, casting, and making stories from a past that often seems distant and strange feel relevant and meaningful to today’s audiences.

Caroline Golum is a filmmaker and writer in Brooklyn, NY. Her debut feature "A Feast Of Man'' screened at Sidewalk Film Festival, Indie Memphis, Sarasota Film Festival, Micro-Waves Film Series, Toronto Media Arts Center, and Spectacle Theater, and is available on Amazon Prime, Vimeo on Demand, and Tubi.

Golum’s second feature "Revelations of Divine Love," currently in post, received funding from the NYSCA. An adjacent hybrid documentary premiered at Prismatic Ground in 2021, and received glowing mentions in MUBI Notebook, Screen Slate, and ULTRADOGME.

In front of the camera, Golum appeared in Rachel Wolther's award-winning documentary "Cinema Rules Everything Around Me” (LESFF, 2021) and Ricky d'Ambrose's Independent Spirit Award-winning film "The Cathedral." Her bylines include Film Comment, Reverse Shot, Filmmaker Magazine and Screen Slate, where she is a Contributing Editor. Follow Caroline on Twitter (now “X”) here!

Logan Quigley’s academic research explores how late medieval travelers understood and represented the dimensions of space and time (for an example, see his article “Travels in Deleuzean Time: Virtual Pilgrimage, Temporal Paradox, and the Newberry and Bicester Stacions of Rome” in Exemplaria 34:2). He is one of the series producers for The Multicultural Middle Ages.

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